One year ago…

Today, one year ago I started with this scientific communication blog.

However, the idea came to me some more years ago, when I discovered the Quantum Diaries blog. At that moment, I thought that it could be nice to talk with some friends, with an education in different areas, and create a collaborative blog in which each of us would write about its area of knowledge (not only scientific knowledge but also engineering, logistics and even economy). The result was a disaster. After telling them about it, they invited me to stop thinking things like this.

Even though, the idea remained in my mind. More and more, as long as I was reading scientific outreach books and other blogs (not only about physics) I realized that to understand some things I needed to write them down.

In addition, after several years after finishing my studies, I also realized that I had forgotten almost everything that I learned. And that was disgusting. I needed to remember that knowledge. The problem is, in a field like physics, mathematics is one of the main tools and in that field I was really lost.

Thinking about all these things took me to realize that a good way to remember everything it would be to be in the place of someone who has no idea about science and try to explain with a language where mathematics are not needed so that I could also understand it.

In this way, one year ago I started this blog and gave it the name of Acelerando la Ciencia (Accelerating science). At the beginning I thought it was a curious and original name. Afterwards I realized that my subconscious mind had fooled me because I had watched too many CERN videos, where at the end the CERN logo appears followed by the expression “Accelerating science”. So it seems that I was not as original as I thought.

The truth is that I starting writing for myself only (and in part I still do it) to be able to remember some topics I learnt some time ago.

Being this the reason why I started the blog, I did not expect to receive any visit, so I was surprised when after one year I have received more than 5000 visits. It is something like more than 5000 visits that I expected!

I know that some of these visits are because google has a bug in their algorithms (like when someone reached the blog searching for “Einstein’s sex equation”)

In summary, this post is just to tell you that I expect that we could keep on learning together for a long time and to thank you for coming here from time to time.

Thank you!

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